Production & Assembly Room​

  • Complex Electrical
  • Mechanical Product
  • Assembly Rebuilds Torque
  • Inspection of Completed Assemblies
  • Pneumatic and Motor Assembly, Drive Tools

Mazak 510C twin pallet​Vertical cnc Table size
X=55" Y=24" each pallet
​Travel X=42",Y=20z"=20

Engineering Department

  • V8,3D Bentley 
  • AutoDesk Inventor 2017
  • Bobcad/cam V28
  • Master Cam X18

Mills, Lathes, Jig Grinder, Wet Grinder, Surface Grinder and Jig Bore

Mitsubishi Wire EDM RA90
4 Axis Machining
Table Size: 24" x 24"
Travel: X=14" Y=13.5" Z=7"

Full Inspection dept. CMM

  • X=36" Y=24" Z=20"

Vertical HAAS 4th AXIS CNC Mills
Table Size: X=30” Y=24
Travel: X=24” Y=16” Z=20”
4th Axis 3D Machining

Acad design is utilizing Robotics and Vision systems to improve reliability and efficiencies within the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Mazak CNC Lathe QT10N
Production and Prototype Turning
Up to 8" Diameter x 20" Long

VTC 300C Mazak CNC Mill
High Speed Production Drilling & Tapping
Full 4th AXIS
Table Size: X=77” Y=40”
Travel: X=66” Y=30” Z=30”

All CNC equipment is linked to our engineering departments network for fast upload and download of 3D and 2D drawings and programs.

This block contains code to make background cover


VTC 200B Mazak CNC Mills
Production and Prototype Milling 3D Machining
Table Size: X=55" Y=24"
Travel: X=44" Y=20" Z=20

​Products and Services Overview


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Proto Trak Tool Room CNC
X=30" Y=12" Z=20"

Mitsubishi Wire EDM MV1200SMD PRO 3
4 Axis Machining 
X=15.77" Y=11.80" Z=8.60"


  • Gages
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Assembly Machines
  • Product Assembly
  • Short to Medium Run Production
  • Prototype Development


  • Mills, Lathes, Jig Grinder, Wet Grinder, Surface Grinder and Jig Bore