3D Printing Solutions

ACAD Design offers cost-efficient 3D printing services with industrial-grade fiber layer reinforcement for high strength rapid prototyping and contract manufacturing applications.
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Rapid Prototyping

3D printing technology offers the advantage of quick prototyping times and flexibility during the design process for parts. At ACAD, our Mark Forged Mark 2 3D printer produces high-quality, durable parts that reduce traditional prototyping costs and streamline efficiency.

Rapid Prototyping allows us to provide our customers with the ability to assess prototypes before committing to production. Using Markforged’s powerful cloud based slicing software provides our engineers with important visual information during the design process, eliminating non-essential costs and prioritizing quick turnaround.

Available Reinforcing Materials
►  Carbon Fiber
►  Kevlar
►  Fiberglass
►  HSHT Fiberglass

Our Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping allows for a vast array of opportunities. Not only do we prototype components for designing and building purposes, but we also utilize 3D printed parts for our own in-house automation. 3D printed parts such as covers,brackets , and shrouds pose an enormous benefit to our production needs because they are extremely durable and long-lasting. This allows us to reduce costs and wait time, which ultimately benefits our customers as we are able to offer more cost-effective and efficient services.

Examples of Our Work


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