About Us

ACAD Design Corp. is a diverse and innovative company located in Rochester, NY. We offer ergonomic automation, manufacturing, and mechanical design services for simple to complex solutions.

Who We Are

ACAD strives to offer a turn-key customer experience, providing in-house designed and built automation equipment. We take pride in employing our own engineers, CNC programmers, and machine builders to ensure our customers are receiving the most dedicated and organized service possible.

In addition, ACAD is able to do short and long-run contract machining. We are also happy to make or reverse engineer OEM replacement parts.


Years of Experience


Our History

Established in 1998 in Rochester, New York, ACAD Design Corp. is built on three generations of tool making and engineering, and nearly 40 years of experience. We largely owe the growth of the company to our keen response to our customers’ needs. We did this by offering both design and manufacturing capabilities in one location to become a complete turn-key system integrator. This differs from the industry standard, which is to outsource to machine shops for building after creating the initial design.

ACAD Today

ACAD is a business made up of dedicated and experienced staff members. Our nimble team size allows us to streamline communication, keeping all components of the design and manufacturing process organized and extremely efficient. We’re able to serve unique projects and highly tailored customer requirements. We develop novel concepts and extremely specialized solutions to meet our customers’ individual needs.


WHY Choose ACAD?


Growth & Progress

Dedicated to innovation and continual progress, we are consistently updating and investing in our own research and development. ACAD strives to keep current while consistently evolving with our customers’ interests and needs. We are committed to regularly developing more efficient solutions regardless of complexity.

High Efficiency, High Quality

Working with ACAD helps customers achieve their Return on Investment goals. This is done by reducing labor costs and increasing manufacturing efficiency by implementing new automation equipment for the high-volume production of parts. This provides the potential to better direct your labor to another area of the company where their services are more needed.

A higher ROI can also be accomplished because the quality and/or efficiency of current manufacturing processes are improved by replacing or overhauling outdated equipment. Our automation increases the quality of products that our customers manufacture, therefore reducing cycle time and increasing quality control with less risk of requiring corrective action.

Solutions Tailored to You

Our solutions are sophisticated and highly tailored to each customer’s individual requirements, ensuring needs are met from the concept stage to final delivery. We provide excellent turnaround time and competitive pricing in our industry. Our customer relationships are of the utmost importance to us, and it is always our priority to be available for consultation on new and ongoing projects.

Our Partners Include

Excellent Turn Around Time

ACAD Design has excellent turn around time on automation solutions, emergency tooling as well as scheduled tooling builds. We are always available for consultation on new and ongoing projects..