Fixtures & Gages

ACAD Design offers design and build of fixtures, gages, and test equipment to meet all customer specifications.

At ACAD Design Corp., we design and distribute a wide array of high-quality fixtures and gages. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet all of our client’s diverse needs and look forward to helping you with your fixture or gage needs. Examples include:


  • CMM Fixtures
  • Welding fixtures
  • Assembly Fixtures


  • GD&T Gages
  • Statistical Gages
  • Attribute Gages


From simple to complex fixturing, we strive to provide top-quality options for our clients.

CMM Fixtures

Able to work with the complex geometries of a diverse variety of parts, these fixtures offer solutions for simple and highly unique projects alike. This ensures repeatability for consistent processes across the board.

Welding Fixtures

Our welding fixtures provide consistent work holding during both tack and finished welding processes.

Assembly Fixtures

Our assembly fixtures are designed for ease of use so operators can manually assemble multiple components accurately and quickly.



GD&T Gages

Our GD&T gages allow for hard gaging in production and manufacturing. Each of our quality gages provides accurate inspection, for checking one or more features to print datum structure.

Attribute Gages

Our attribute gages verify part repeatability and provide a basic Go/No-Go indication of whether parts are in tolerance or not.

Statistical Gages

Statistical gages provide actual measured data about one or more features of a part. This provides a greater level of specificity and ensures consistent precision and repeatability.

Examples of Our Work

Excellent Turn Around Time

ACAD Design has excellent turn around time on automation solutions, emergency tooling as well as scheduled tooling builds. We are always available for consultation on new and ongoing projects.