• Mills, Lathes, Jig Grinder, Wet Grinder, Surface Grinder and Jig Bore 

​Products and Services Overview

Full Inspection dept. CMM

  • X=36" Y=24" Z=20"

Vertical HAAS 4th AXIS CNC Mills
Table Size: X=30” Y=24
Travel: X=24” Y=16” Z=20”
4th Axis 3D Machining

Mazak CNC Lathe QT10N
Production and Prototype Turning
Up to 8" Diameter x 20" Long

Mazak 510C twin pallet​

Vertical cnc Table size
X=55" Y=24" each pallet
​Travel X=42",Y=20z"=20

ACAD Design is utilizing Robotics and Vision systems to improve reliability and efficiencies within the manufacturing and assembly processes.

Mitsubishi Wire EDM MV1200SMD PRO 3
4 Axis Machining 
X=15.77" Y=11.80" Z=8.60"

VTC 300C Mazak CNC Mill
High Speed Production Drilling & Tapping
Full 4th AXIS
Table Size: X=77” Y=40”
Travel: X=66” Y=30” Z=30”



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All CNC equipment is linked to our engineering departments network for fast upload and download of 3D and 2D drawings and programs.


  • Assembly Machines
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Gages
  • Product Assembly
  • Short to Medium Run Production
  • Prototype Development

Mitsubishi Wire EDM RA90
4 Axis Machining
Table Size: 24" x 24"
Travel: X=14" Y=13.5" Z=7"

VTC 200B Mazak CNC Mills
Production and Prototype Milling 3D Machining
Table Size: X=55" Y=24"
Travel: X=44" Y=20" Z=20

Engineering Department

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • BobCAD-CAM
  • Mastercam

Production & Assembly Room​

  • Complex Electrical
  • Mechanical Product
  • Assembly Rebuilds Torque
  • Inspection of Completed Assemblies
  • Pneumatic and Motor Assembly, Drive Tools